I found this a really helpful and thoughtful piece. I used to work in a huge UX / UI design team. I noticed that the older more experienced designers solicited customer feedback LESS, and the younger more inexperienced designers were eager to do more user research. The thing was the design work of the older designers was often better thought through, with less for customers to complain about. There's a balance to be struck between always asking for user feedback, and trusting your experience and following best practice as a designer.

Screen shots of a financial technology app
Screen shots of a financial technology app
Financial technology app — practicing user interface design

I recently switched from a service design role to a user experience design one. Before working Sainsbury’s I felt frustrated with the lack of implementation in Service Design. When I started job hunting I was looking for a role where I could work on live, user-facing services. I saw lots of jobs at organisations that delivered user-facing services being advertised, but they seemed to be looking for user experience designers rather than service designers. Sainsbury’s were hiring, the role appealed to me because Sainsbury’s is a huge digital-first business, providing food for 70% of the UK population. …

Charlotte Fountaine

Service designer, eager to use design to reduce inequality and influence positive social change.

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